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We Help You Get a Good Night’s Rest

We’re here to provide you with a good night’s rest. When you are looking for the right bed for your comfort needs, our expert sales team will help you out. We have a variety of sizes, styles, and brands, so we’re sure you’ll find the right bed at the right price! When it comes to price, we offer the best prices in El Paso, guaranteed. Nobody beats Shorty!

Our Mattress Warehouse Has the Best Quality Name Brands in the Industry!

Simmons BeautyRest

Simmons BeautyRest Mattresses are made from high quality materials and new technologies in mattress design. Simmons are made with a unique pocketed coil system. These mattresses have hundreds of individually wrapped springs that adjust and distribute your weight evenly throughout the surface. These beds will contour to your body offering the highest level of support. Normal coil systems can cause pressure points in your back and hips. However, this new design offers optimal sleep support. Not only that, no matter how much your partner moves through the night, you will still have an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Simmons BeautyRest Memory Foam Mattresses

The BeautyRest line also offers amazing memory foam mattresses. The multiple gel and foam layers promise specialized support and a relief to pressure points. These mattresses shape to your body and movement while you sleep. Many people complain that memory foam can make for a hot stuffy feeling while they sleep. However, BeautyRest memory foam uses special technology to move heat away from your body. You’ll get a comfortable, cool rest on these beds.

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Adjustable Bases

If you’re looking for an adjustable frame you’ve found the right place. When you think of an adjustable bed, visions of hospital beds probably come to mind. However, we sell the newest models of adjustable beds. Our SmartMotion bases come with SleepTracker® Technology. It tracks your sleep information through the night to help you get better rest. You can even read data on a smartphone app. These beds are also ideal for anyone that likes to read or watch television from the comfort of their bed. They’re also ideal for allowing natural curvature of the spine while you sleep. Adjustable beds are not just for people who are sick.

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We Can Help You Get a Good Night’s Rest

The average American sleeps for the approximate equivalent of 26 years. If you have ever gone without, you probably realize just how important sleep is. Just a few of the many benefits of good sleep include improved memory, longer life span, improved school and work performance, better attention, and lower stress levels. Owning a bad mattress can seriously dampen your life. Going without good sleep for extended periods can cause serious health problems. For this reason, we offer a guarantee on our mattresses. We know that from the first night you sleep on one of out quality beds, you’ll find good rest.

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When you come visit us, you’ll be surrounded by many selections. Even if you aren’t sure what you are looking for, one of our sales team experts can help you find the right bed. They have the knowledge to make sure you find just the right mattress. They will be able to show you different comfort levels, sizes, and styles of mattresses. On top of that, we guarantee the best price in El Paso. Nobody beats Shorty! If you find a more affordable price elsewhere in El Paso, we will match it.